We set out with our new client; Norder, on a journey to develop a new brand positioning capable of reflecting their changing place in the world. At the heart of this strategy was the need to articulate a new brand vision which successfully captures the way the company has evolved into the business it is today. A forward-thinking provider of engineering and architectural services, continually pushing the boundaries to discover the optimum solution for every project.


Seeing things differently.

The first stage of the journey was to define exactly what it is that makes Norder, different. During our discovery process, we helped establish what sets Norder apart: their innovative culture. Since 1975, their increasing focus on design innovation has been delivered across an ever-expanding range of sector specialisms. As Norder evolved, their portfolio of services developed a broader scope. Today, as multi-sector problem solvers, Norder have a proven track record of simplifying the complex, approaching things from new angles and applying specialised knowledge to the most technical challenges.


Designing better answers.

The next stage of the journey was to use this insight as the inspiration for their new brand identity. Every day, Norder combine engineering innovation with architectural flair to design better answers, applying a clear eye for detail with an alternative focus. This increasing capability to offer seamless solutions led directly to the development of the new positioning line: Engineers. Architects. Innovators.


Communicating innovation: the new visual identity.

This overarching focus on design innovation also informed the new visual development for Norder’s brand. The illustrative style is influenced by engineering and architectural context, taking the Norder characters and reimagining them in a 3D wireframe style format, reminiscent of design drawings. Here, the intricacy of the lettering reflects the consistent focus on precision and solution interrogation which defines the Norder approach.

The new look branding has been rolled out across all of Norder’s touch points and includes new logo and strapline, new colour palette, brand new website including design, UX and full build, new internal and client facing literature and stationery.


We really enjoyed working alongside Adrian and his team on the start of their digital journey:

“We are very grateful for the way in which we were taken on the journey and how House sought to understand what makes us tick and then proceeded to deliver just that, from the ‘word smithing’ that has been applied to present our personality to the unique graphic design in the 3D lettering. The team has been very helpful, considerate and proactive in working with me to deliver what we needed. We are looking forward to discussing future items for development.”


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