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Case study

Fuelling your daily marathon

The challenge

Like the ‘difficult second album’ syndrome encountered by musicians, the challenge for emerging brands is moving to the next level after early listings success. At House, we’ve proved particularly adept at meeting this challenge. When 9bar was launched, this great-tasting mixed-seed snack secured retail listings and an early-adopting audience of freefrom, vegetarian and sport enthusiasts. Our task was to retain this core audience whilst moving the brand from niche brand to mass market status.

The solution

Our solution was born out of an insight – that life itself is a race against the clock. Whether it’s dashing out for the school run, taking part in a competitive sport or simply running a busy life, the 9 amino acids (the essential building blocks of life) contained in every 9bar provide the fuel we need to keep us going.

Brand Movement

Building on 9bar’s initial distribution base, we delivered on the brand’s core objective, deepening and widening its listings in cereal aisles, maintaining shelf space in the freefrom category and also moving into convenience. The launch of a new online shop facilitated a rapidly growing database of repeat customers, with 9bar’s social media community growing exponentially. This success attracted additional investment, enabling a sustained marketing programme and providing the springboard for future growth.

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