Case study

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The client

The 9bar brand had secured wide distribution throughout multiple and independent retailers, in the UK and Europe. The brand had been ‘adopted’ by a core audience of free-from, vegetarian and sporty people because of the health benefits and claims of the product, quite simply – it works and it tastes great. The time was right for 9bar to deepen and further secure its position with this core audience, and to also broaden its appeal to the mass market.

House Creative’s strategic and creative input in re-positioning the brand has help us to achieve, and significantly exceed, our expectations for growth.
Mark Gould, Managing Director

The challenge

In the food sector, winning the race for hearts, minds and market share after the initial sprint to gain retail listings is a recurring theme for many new brands. At House, it’s a challenge we relish. When 9bar was launched, this great-tasting mixed-seed snack had succeeded in securing distribution with multiple retailers. It had been adopted by a core audience of free from, vegetarian and sport enthusiasts. Our task was to retain this core audience whilst moving the brand from niche energy brand to mass-market status.

The solution

Our solution was born out of the agency’s unrivalled category experience and a compelling insight – that life itself is a race against the clock. Whether it’s dashing out for the school run, taking part in a competitive sport or simply running a busy life, the 9 amino acids (the essential building blocks of life) contained in every 9bar provide the fuel we need to power ahead with the day ahead.


The Execution

Our positioning ‘Fuelling Your Daily Marathon’ captured the essence of this insight. Using our unique sector knowledge, this strong and eminently campaignable message led to a powerful and relevant identity, distinguished by an ever-present number 9. As with the many other free from and health-focused brands House has empowered and propelled forward in recent years, we proved that a limited budget is no limit to creativity.

Brand Movement

Building on 9bar’s initial distribution base, we delivered on the brand’s core objective, deepening and widening its listings in cereal aisles, maintaining shelf space in the free from category and also moving into convenience. The launch of a new online shop attracted a rapidly growing database of repeat customers, with 9bar’s social media community growing exponentially, helping the brand to become an energy – focused snacking essential. This success attracted additional investment, providing a dynamic springboard for future growth.