Case study

Always pressing for healthier juices.

The challenge

Coldpress fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies had a fantastic proposition: being cold pressed not heated or pasteurised, they retained not just more of the flavour of the original fruit but more of the nutrients too. What they also had was a brand name which ‘owned’ the generic: rather like owning the word ‘cheese’ or ‘milk’ in fact! What this meant of course was that, while bigger brands could introduce a cold pressed juice alternative, Coldpress could still effectively still own the category. The problem, however, was twofold: getting the brand message out there before the ‘big boys’ could gain any kind of firm foothold in the sector and ensuring that the benefits of what was a relatively new and unfamiliar process were clearly understood.

The solution

As a challenger to the big boys, the brand undeniably had an innately ‘crusading’ spirit and a clear mission to convert juice drinkers to a better and more economical way to their essential ‘five a day’. We therefore set about creating an identity based upon the positioning of: ‘Always pressing for healthier juices’ to encapsulate the process, the benefit and the philosophy of the brand.

The execution

The positioning first manifested itself on an eyecatching new pack design, through advertising in an advertorial in The Guardian’s groundbreaking and thought-provoking ‘Obese Britain’ supplement and online activity. Most importantly, the clear benefits of a deceptively simple process were spelt out in clear, consumer-friendly terms which avoided nutritional jargon while being solidly supported by the scientific evidence for the claims. Find out more about Coldpress.

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