Case study

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The product

Coldpress Juices are a range of fruit juices that are cold pressed as opposed to pasteurised (which is simply means that they’re made through a heated process). The cold pressing process ensures the natural colours and flavours of the juice, and essential nutrients are retained compared to its pasteurised competitors such as Innocent Juices (for example) which boil down its ingredients to ensure shelf life.

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The challenge

Despite the (cold) hard facts, supermarket buyers were reluctant to allow a brand to make such bold claims for fear of upsetting the enormous pasteurised juice category. Furthermore, we at House and the brand owner were faced with a dilemma of simply saying the product ‘tastes good’ which, as we all know is not a compelling claim as anyone in the category has this as a selling point.

The solution

We decided not to underestimate the intelligence of our consumers. We want our consumers to question the comparison of cold press (as a method of making juice) in relation to the common method of pasteurisation. Upon questioning, we want our consumer to recognize the sensory benefits for themselves.

The execution

We developed a campaign making fun comparisons based on subjective opinion of what people think (or don’t think) is ‘cool’.

Is something a matter of opinion, or a matter of fact?

Underpinning these comparisons with a bold statement

‘It’s cold pressed for goodness sake!’

The purpose of the campaign was to raise a debate and get the consumer to challenge one product versus another. Whether that be our cold pressed juices to pasteurised, or something else as random as Croc shoes, melon wheeled bikes or tattooed faces!

Whatever you think is a matter of opinion, or a matter of fact…


A full suite of social banners, ads and instore materials were created including competitions and incentives for people to send in what they think is cool, or not, as the case may be.

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