Case study

Is hemp good for you?

The challenge

The lovely people at Good Hemp approached us to refresh their digital presence. Their existing online store was looking dated and no longer fit for business. Adding to their trouble was that they were running multiple stores on various domain names causing an SEO headache. The brand also needed a suite of communications to drive traffic to the site. With a small team at the farm it was important that the platform was based upon an easy to use CMS system to allow frequent updates.

The solution

We suggested a Magento E-commerce platform, with content and articles powered by WordPress on a single domain name. This gave Good Hemp a future-proofed solution that can evolve as the needs of the business change.

We provided the following:

  • Responsive design
  • Data collection pop-up
  • Coupons
  • Bundle deals
  • Stock management
  • Tiered delivery options
  • Interlink shipping integration
  • Social sharing
  • Recipes
  • Articles
  • Real-time SEO checking
  • Reporting
  • Payment intergration
  • Data transfer from old site

The combined platform enables the brand to refresh its seasonal and creative messaging through onsite banners and new landing pages, as well as new content and is fully integrated with social media and email marketing channels. We also provided the brand with an emarketing programme to support both tactical and brand messages to drive repeat custom. This dovetailed into a new social media strategy which provides us with the opportunity to talk directly to our audience with a range of communications from hints and tips on the benefits of using hemp in the diet to product led promotions and other non – hemp nutritional data to support a healthy lifestyle, including recipe ideas and blog articles.

The execution

Working closely with Good Hemp, we designed a clean modern interface to reflect the brand values. This was implemented with a custom built html and CSS front end on to the Magento and WordPress CMS. We also take responsive and Level A Accessibility into account when designing for the web.

Our Accessibility Checklist:

  • Provide sufficient contrast between foreground and background
  • Don’t use colour alone to convey information
  • Ensure that interactive elements are easy to identify
  • Provide clear and consistent navigation options
  • Ensure that form elements include clearly associated labels
  • Provide easily identifiable feedback
  • Include alternative text for images
  • Provide controls for content that starts automatically
  • Identify page language and language changes
  • Use mark-up to convey meaning and structure
  • Help users avoid and correct mistakes
  • Reflect the reading order in the code order
  • Use headings and spacing to group related content
  • Write code that adapts to the user’s technology
  • Create designs for different viewport sizes
  • Provide meaning for non-standard interactive elements
  • Ensure that all interactive elements are keyboard accessible
  • Avoid CAPTCHA where possible

We also implemented an internal linking strategy creating hub pages for key topics and linking articles accordingly.

The results

We carried out a user experience research project post launch to gain insight into the customer experience and discovered that:

• 89% of respondents thought the website good or excellent
• 95% of people who had ordered online were happy with their overall shopping experience
• Based on their overall experience, 97% would recommend Good Hemp to a friend.

Due to the success of this project we are now working with the parent company on a secondary brand within their portfolio.

• New e-commerce website
• Email marketing
• Social media
• Online content marketing and landing pages

Visit to see for yourself.

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