Case study

Making ‘Good’ Even Better – Evolving the Good Hemp Brand

The challenge

Good Hemp grow and produce their own hemp based products on its family owned farm in the South of England using the seeds of the plant (not the leaf which has different properties!) to make a variety of alternative and free from products.

From the nutritiously dense seeds of the hemp plant, hemp milk and hemp oil provide a healthy alternative to cow’s milk and olive oil, 2 staple products in consumers’ diets.

The brand was listed in the free from aisle as an alternative to dairy (cow’s) milk, and as an alternative to olive oil which is well known in Mediterranean diets as the healthy oil of choice for cooking and salad dressings.

When we dug deep into the benefits of hemp products versus their traditional competitor lines, we were astonished at the health benefits hemp provided versus dairy and olives.

The solution

The benefits spoke for themselves, Hemp was the UK’s best kept secret for those looking for healthy alternatives, whether people were seeking dairy free products or not, and they tasted great too.

We unearthed that the protein in Hemp contains the same values as meat, milk and eggs, whereas there is 4 times more Omega 3 in Hemp milk than its dairy free alternative cousin Soy, a default alternative to those seeking a lactose free milk.  And as for Oil, there is 30 times more Omega 3 in Hemp oil than there is in Olive oil.

Good Hemp Campaign

The execution

We dramatized the features and benefits of Hemp by expressing the strong reasons to believe and rooting those statements in the product itself – the seeds.  The hemp seeds took on shapes of the products they represented, providing the brand with a strong graphic identity that consumers could identify and engage with.  We positioned the benefits at ‘Hempressive Facts’ and underpinned each with the line ‘Changing our diet for Good Hemp’.

Good hemp campaign

The deliverables

The campaign ident provided the brand with a variety of online banners for its ecommerce website, consumer and trade advertising, and email campaigns, each provoking the thought that Hemp is better for you than its standard alternative (milk and olives).

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