Case study

Goodwyns – It’s a win win

The challenge

Goodwyns Dog food is a range that tastes great and does wonders for your dog. The food is nutritionally dense and therefore helps to control the dog’s weight.

Audience research suggests that consumers are less likely to change their dog’s diets due to the risk of the dog not liking the product.

Also, consumers believe that the taste of Fido’s food can be compromised by the health benefits of products, meaning a full bowl and an empty purse.

The solution

Finding a solution that is rooted in the brand name is always a winner for any brand owner. This way it gives the brand an edge and quite clearly communications can’t be mistaken from its competitors’.

For us the answer was simple, and it was a win win for the brand – Goodwyns.

The execution

Using quizzical images of dogs appearing perplexed at the possibility that something that healthy could possibly taste good whilst providing a strong brand image.

We used headlines that were in the minds of the dogs themselves. Underpinning the message with a satisfying statement, claiming:

“That’s right Rover, you win win with Goodwyns!”.

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