Case study

UK’s leading jewellery trade association

NAJ logo

The challenge

In large organisations, the challenge is often to get everybody moving cohesively in the same direction. As the UK’s leading jewellery trade association, the NAJ represents over 2,000 members, providing support, advice, industry-leading education and networking opportunities. Against a backdrop of declining membership numbers, the task was to re-energise the brand, increase take up of its educational courses and give the NAJ fresh relevance for future audiences.

The solution

After undertaking competitor audits and extensive research with members, staff and key industry players, we identified a disconnect in the way non-members perceived the organisation. A key area for development was therefore to firmly establish the NAJ as a supportive and nurturing catalyst for change, here to engage, educate, inspire and empower members in everything they do.

The execution

Our brand relaunch unveiled a bright, modern, and supremely well connected NAJ to the world; an association that is proud of its heritage but at the same time, eagerly focused on the future. A new brand portal has been created for all assets, with a look that is clean and contemporary, supported by a new positioning which effectively communicates the NAJ’s passion for collaboration and knowledge-sharing – ‘Shaping The Future Of Jewellery Together’.

Brand Movement

Our brand repositioning brings clarity, consistency and modernity to NAJ communications and encapsulates the mutual benefits of belonging. In a multi-faceted jewellery world, it reflects the fact that the NAJ is inclusive and outwardly focused; a forward thinking and unifying voice for the industry, bringing everyone together and moving forward with real momentum.

Ready to move?