Case study

Clever little treats

The challenge

For those with intolerances and allergies, gluten and dairy are completely off the dessert menu. There’s also a growing awareness amongst millions of flexitarians that being gluten and dairy free is a healthier lifestyle choice. In 2010, Pudology entered this fast-emerging market with perfect timing; a family-run business with a passion for creating clever little treats. Our task was to completely refresh the brand’s online presence in a way that celebrates their gluten/dairy free ingenuity and exuberantly colourful packaging.

The solution

Using our vast knowledge of the freefrom market, our aim was to build a memorable online personality which would build on their recent success and capture their passion for developing puddings that are happily free from gluten dairy. When it comes to delicious desserts, Pudology clearly thinks outside the pot and every element of our website was designed to reflect this.

The execution

Our online solution defines what Pudology is: the study of gorgeously dairy free and gluten free puds. Our approach succeeds in communicating personality with intelligence, establishing the brand’s freefrom credentials in a way that is both fun and informative. The overriding message being that at a time when more and more people are questioning their consumption of gluten and dairy, Pudology simply provides better answers.

Brand Movement

Since its conception in 2010, the brand has grown at a remarkable rate, with distribution across leading retailers such as Waitrose, Booths and Sainsbury’s. By reimagining their web design, layout, navigation and tone, we’re now driving a new generation of pud lovers to discover why gluten-free and dairy-free deliciousness is Pudology’s specialist subject.

Ready to move?