Case study

Too good to resist

The challenge

Building high levels of brand awareness is often about developing name recognition via a strong and campaignable idea. With Too Good to be Gluten Free NO.G, the name became the basis for a truly memorable brand solution. One taste was enough to convince us that the client’s gluten free pies and quiches (based on the recipes of a top chef whose CV included stints with Gordon Ramsay and Brian Turner) were not just ‘Too Good to be Gluten Free’ but ‘Too Good’ in every way. This inspired us to create a game-changing campaign for a gluten free range that tastes truly delicious.

The solution

By focusing on the ‘Too Good…’ part of the  brand identity, we immediately opened up a  world of possibilities with perfectly balanced messages communicating the twin benefits of gluten free-ness and great taste. Across all communications, we created a brand idea with limitless potential for evolution and accommodating any number of key messages. Equally importantly, it also succeeded in communicating that gluten free products can be equally or more appetising than their glutenous equivalents.

The execution

The campaign idea enabled us to achieve brand synergy across all communications. From promotional banners flagging offers that were ‘Too Good to be True’ and flyers reflecting a tempting taste that was ‘Too Good to Resist’ we were able to build a complete brand picture by flexing and refreshing the messaging to meet new briefs and opportunities. To inform various audiences of the benefits of a gluten free diet without blinding them with science, we also created an engaging video that was simple, entertaining and easy to understand.

Brand Movement

The campaign was simply Too Good to be Ignored, successfully differentiating the brand from anything else on the shelf and laying the gluten free foundations for the brand’s future success. By imbuing the gluten free message with more substance and more ‘reasons to believe’, the video also helped to consolidate the brand’s position, significantly broadening distribution across the major multiples.

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