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Key steps to freefrom success

Come with us on a free walk-through of audience insight, what it takes to be an award-winning freefrom brand and how to avoid the many bumps in the road along the way.

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FreeFrom Event


Date: Friday 15th June 2018

Time: 8:30am – 11am

Where: The Gherkin, London EC3

Cost: Free

What you’ll learn along the way

Three freefrom experts will share their first-hand marketing experience, audience insight and product knowledge to deliver a morning of engaging, authoritative freefrom marketing and business intelligence.

Aimed at anyone who would like even more knowledge of how to succeed in the freefrom sector, our speakers can help you gain the insight you need to become an award-winning brand.



Christine Colbert

House / All Good Stuff

“How not to launch a freefrom brand”

Your guide to getting freefrom right


Lisa Tomlinson

Consumer Brand Planner

“Essential freefrom audience insights”

What makes the freefrom consumer tick?

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

FreeFrom Food Awards

“What makes an award winning freefrom brand?”

Has your freefrom brand got what it takes?


08.30 Registration

09.00 “How not to launch a freefrom brand”
Christine Colbert (House / All Good Stuff) Your guide to getting freefrom right

09.30 “Essential freefrom audience insights”
Lisa Tomlinson (Consumer Brand Planner) What makes the freefrom consumer tick?

10.00 “What makes an award winning freefrom brand?” 
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson (Founder of FreeFrom Foods Awards) Has your freefrom brand got what it takes?

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee / Informal chat

A bit about the speakers

Christine Colbert not only owns and runs award-winning, House, the go-to marketing agency for freefrom, health and wellbeing brands, she has also walked in your shoes, talked your language and understands your challenges.

Christine will share her own woeful journey of launching a freefrom brand from her own kitchen on to the supermarket shelves back in the early noughties. The road was tough, the market new, the category empty and the journey challenging. She had secured the funding, built her own manufacturing, had the marketing story and branding nailed and got the supermarket listings, but it catastrophically failed.

Lisa Tomlinson, a highly experienced consumer brand planner will delve deep into who exactly our freefrom audience is. From the all-important growth stats and figures of this market to the latest knowledge on who is ‘choosing’ to buy freefrom and why, Lisa will tell you where and how to find your audience and, moreover, what connects them. From attitudes and behaviours, to what tools and knowledge we can use to find and reach them effectively, Lisa holds the insight golden nuggets.

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Director of FreeFrom Food Awards, editor of the Food Matters publications and industry go-to contact for product knowledge and standards, is an inspiration to the sector.

Michelle has manufactured her own freefrom food like Christine, ran a magazine for health professionals and patients, written books on food intolerance and allergy, created over 1000 freefrom recipes and now edits the Freefrom matters family of websites.

Promising 30 minutes of authoritative direction and information, Michelle will talk you through the seven key steps to becoming an award-winning freefrom brand, from quality, cost and everything in between.


Train / Tube

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King’s Cross St. Pancras: 7 mins

Oxford Circus: 8 mins

Bond Street: 11 mins

Canary Wharf: 14 mins

Heathrow Airport: 39 mins

Gatwick Airport: 41 mins

Date: Friday 15th June 2018

Time: 8:30am – 11am

Where: The Gherkin, London EC3

Cost: Free

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