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How to export your contact data from Facebook Lead Ads

26th April 2016

How to export your contact data from Facebook Lead Ads

We think that Facebook Lead Ads are great. The streamlined process for collecting data is simple to use and delivers results. Things might get tricky when you want to export your data though.

When our recent Lead Ad campaign finished we expected the data to be in Business Manager or Power Editor but it was nowhere to be seen.

After a quick google on the subject we found conflicting advice. Some articles said it is only possible to export data via the Facebook API. Others seemed to think you needed a third party bridge which involves a monthly subscription.

If you are having the same problem, read on…

How to export your contacts:

1. Go to the page you are advertising.

2. Go to the “Publishing Tools” tab.

3. In the left hand nav, choose “Forms library”.

From this page you will be able to export your data. No API knowledge needed!

If you want to sync automatically with MailChimp or your CRM though, third party tools like Leads Bridge will help you.

Hope you have found this useful.

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