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Case study

Experience is a beautiful thing

The challenge

Whether a brand has a global or individual story to tell, the principle remains the same; find the one truth that can set it apart, then make it shine. In Helen Dimmick’s case, the old adage that there’s ‘no substitute for experience’ rang especially true, As a highly experienced jewellery specialist, she offers expert advice and consultation services to business owners, designers, manufacturers and suppliers. Our challenge was to embody her distinctive approach with an equally distinctive business positioning and website.

The solution

Helen’s passion in life is engendering closer collaboration by bringing the technical and commercial sides of the industry together. Talking to her provided us with an insight; that in an industry which celebrates rare and beautiful things, knowing what works is the most precious commodity of all. This led to the creation of a new positioning ‘Experience is a beautiful thing’ which informed every element of her new brand positioning.

The execution

The new website celebrates the uniqueness of Helen’s approach to consultancy, training innovation and business transformation. It encapsulates her approach to every facet of the jewellery industry, building on her individual qualities of passion, leadership and industry knowledge, intelligently applied. And as the most beautiful things in life are often the most simple we used a clean and minimal design to convey the elegance of Helen’s business, training and consultancy solutions.

Brand Movement

Since the web launch, the way the new website personifies Helen’s approach has moved many companies to book her consultancy services. As Helen herself puts it, “I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the new website. It’s gratifying to see how it brings my individualism and expertise together in a way that provides a true reflection of what I can bring to the industry.” The fact that Helen’s consultancy services are now booked up many months in advance is a clear testament to the success of our approach.

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