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9bar brand campaign

“Fuelling your daily marathon”

The challenge.
Having already established itself with high profile sportsmen and women, and gained a significant presence in the major multiples, the brief for leading seed-based energy bar 9bar required a broadening of the brand’s appeal to a mass market audience while retaining the loyalty of its sporting customer base.

The solution.
In order to achieve this, the agency based its solution upon a very simple yet revealing insight, namely that life itself is a race against time, whether we are taking part in competitive sport or simply running a busy life, with 9bar providing the vital fuel we need to keep us going.

The execution.
A new positioning line, ‘Fuelling your daily marathon’, was developed to capture the essence of this insight. While the nine essential amino acids contained within 9bar’s key ingredient, seeds, led to the creation of a powerful and relevant brand mnemonic using the brand’s distinctive ‘number 9’.
Along with the launch of an all-new responsive ecommerce website, the campaign is currently rolling out across specialist sports and mass market publications.

The results.
The results have been immediate with a sharp increase in online sales and the brand now being considered for listings in additional aisles to ‘free from’ within major multiple retailers.