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Advise Me Barrister

“Top Legal Advice from a Top Legal Brain.”

The challenge.
A brand with a unique proposition. A recent change in the law had meant that members of the public could now approach barristers direct for the first time ever, without first going through the time-consuming and expensive process of consulting a solicitor. Advise Me Barrister is a collective of barristers with a wealth of experience across every area of the law that was now offering its services, online, to the general public. Naturally, a simple and impactful brand idea was required to deliver an unfamiliar message that would prove both engaging and motivating for its mass market audience.

The solution.
The positioning line for the brand proposition needed to be both clearly explanatory and engaging. We settled on: ‘Now you can get top legal advice direct from top legal brains’ to highlight both the newness and the attractive simplicity of the offering.

The execution.
To bring the proposition to life, we developed an image that was ambiguous, intriguing and altogether riveting: a barrister’s wig that, at first glance, appeared to be a brain to succinctly express the new accessibility of ‘legal brains’. This image then became a distinctive mnemonic for the brand, succinctly and immediately expressing the brand’s essential proposition in the blink of an eye.

The results.
Built on the back of a unique proposition and incisive, clear and memorable marketing, the brand goes from strength to strength, having established a distinctive and compelling niche for itself in an over-subscribed legal services sector.