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“Diamonds with a remarkable character”

The challenge.
The Astralis diamond brand had a remarkable story to tell as the brainchild of the world’s most celebrated and famous diamond cutter, great nephew of the inventor of the modern diamond cut, cutter of the world’s biggest diamonds and sixth generation of the extraordinary Tolkowsky diamond dynasty, Gabi Tolkowsky. The problem was that the brand communication had, to date, failed to do justice to its remarkable story.

The solution.
Avoiding the conventional, generic clichés of the sector, we set out with a mission to bring the remarkable story to life by focusing single mindedly upon the figure behind the story, the remarkable man without whom the Astralis brand would simply not exist: Gabi Tolkowsky himself.

The execution.
Gabi Tolkowsky, as soon became evident, is a remarkable character, not merely by virtue of his incredible achievements in the field but as a larger than life figure whose distinctive and very singular personality could be harnessed to express the remarkable character of his creations. This observation quickly suggested a positioning line which would form the basis of our approach, encapsulating the uniqueness of the man and his creations: ‘Diamonds with a remarkable character.’ We then created a series of press advertisements putting Gabi Tolkowsky and his work centre stage.

The results.
In a sector awash with generic claims and ‘me too’ propositions, the uniqueness of our solution reaffirmed the uniqueness and leadership of the Astralis brand, consolidating and building upon its brand leader positioning.