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Cooksongold new Catalogue launch


The challenge.

The launch of a new Cooksongold Catalogue is, and always has been, a truly ‘big’ affair. The challenge here though consisted of developing a communications campaign, offline, online and within Cooksongold’s Trade Counters that would launch a Catalogue that was bigger and better than ever before through a completely fresh approach that would achieve maximum impact and relevance.

The solution.

The solution consisted of developing a lexicon of very simple terms, ‘BIG’, ‘MORE’, ‘BETTER’ etc. that would define the benefits that the new edition of the Cooksongold Catalogue would offer its customers.

The execution.

To achieve maximum impact and relevance, we transcended a simple typographical approach by incorporating the new Catalogue itself as the leading character of each of these terms, thereby making the Catalogue itself totally intrinsic to the various benefit messages.

The results.

The effect of the campaign was immediately felt at Cooksongold with a record demand for the new Catalogue via the website and visits to its two Trade Counters in Birmingham and London. The moral of the story being that a truly fresh proposition will always benefit from a fresh execution that expresses and reflects the excitement that such a proposition should always generate.

Big Launch campaign
Big Launch campaign
BIG Launch web page
BIG Launch web page
Big launch box
Big launch box concept
Big Launch web banner