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“Whatever’s in your mind, make it real.”

The challenge.
As a world leader in the provision of precious metals and component parts specifically for the jewellery and watch-making industries, Cookson was ideally positioned to develop technology that would introduce direct metal laser sintering technology enabling these specialist industries to manufacture the most complex components from precious metal powder in a matter of hours through the use of a focused laser beam. In partnership with the world leader in these technologies, EOS, Cookson duly developed DMLS technology specifically designed to transform the lives of both designers and technical personnel working in the field of jewellery and watch-making. All it needed now was a powerful and intrusive identity to simply crystallize and explain the benefits of a technology that would be unfamiliar to the market.

The solution.
Seeking, as ever, to differentiate the brand proposition from that of its competitors, we avoided a conventional focus on the means of production and instead focused upon the end benefit for our jewellery and watch making customers: namely: ‘Whatever’s in your mind, make it real’.

The execution.
We also wanted to create simple, dynamic and stylish imagery that would reflect both the simplicity of the process and the extraordinary nature of its end result. Taking our inspiration from X-ray photography, therefore, we created a series of stylish and stylized ‘skull’ images depicting the notion that, from now one, an idea in the mind of a designer can become much more than that: solid and breathtaking three dimensional reality.

The results.
The technology and the campaign, running across advertising, literature, online and eyecatching exhibition stands at the landmark Vicenza, New York, Baselworld and Hong Kong shows, have both taken the jewellery and watch-making worlds by storm with Cookson and EOS inundated with enquiries from some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery and watch-making houses and globally-acclaimed individual designers.