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Eccleston Homes Easy Move

‘All ladders, no snakes.’

The challenge.

The challenge here consisted of finding a very simple solution to deliver a relatively complex proposition. Essentially, major North West homebuilder Eccleston Homes was, through the ‘Easy Move’ scheme, making it easier than ever to help its customers move to the home of their dreams in five easy stages. What was less obviously easy, however, was identifying a vehicle to express the Easy Move benefit in a way that was immediate and easy to grasp!

The solution.

It was important that the theme we used to deliver the benefit message should be both simple and eyecatching. The theme of ‘snakes and ladders’ quickly suggested itself, in providing an impactful visual metaphor for the Easy Move five stage process. But, needless to say, with a vital twist.

Step 2

The execution.

To encapsulate the Easy Move proposition, we envisaged a snakes and ladders game which was literally ‘all ladders, no snakes’, in other words five simple moves up the ‘property ladder’ without the remotest possibility of a hitch taking you slithering down some metaphorical snake way back to where you started! We developed a charming and disarmingly simple animation/illustration style to underscore, and highlight, the simplicity of the process and the result certainly made for a refreshing departure from generic images of bricks and mortar in dramatizing a key benefit in an engaging style that spoke volumes for the company’s personality and its unique sensitivity to its customers’ needs.

Step 3

The results.

The result, quite simply, is that Eccleston customers have been moved – in every sense – by the Easy Move scheme. The scheme has massively exceeded expectations both in terms of generating enquiries and, ultimately, sales conversion. Proof indeed that an approach that combines relevance with freshness and impact can, and will, achieve unparalleled results for any brand. All ladders and no snakes you might say!

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Step 5