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“It’s win win with Goodwyns”

The challenge.
Goodwyns Natural Goodness dog food is very much what it says on the tin, or rather on the pack: natural goodness. The problem is, you as a consumer might know this but what about your dog? Clearly, in order for dogs to benefit from this goodness, Goodwyns also needed to be tasty: and its marketing needed to be tasty too in order to communicate this essential benefit.

The solution.
The solution lay in changing the emphasis slightly to give equal prominence and weight to the dual messages of goodness and taste.

The execution.
In any marketing campaign, branding is of the essence. In other words, if it’s not clear who your advertising is for, it’s money frankly wasted. That’s why it’s always useful if the brand name can be an intrinsic part of the message. In this case, the Goodwyns brand name provided us with the perfect platform to deliver the ‘win win’ message of goodness and taste. The result? Unequivocal, distinctive and compelling branding. Individual executions, meanwhile, brought this proposition to life through charming portraits of dogs quizzically considering the puzzling possibilities of this apparent conundrum.


Win Win with Goodwyns