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Green + Benz Branding


The challenge.
Green + Benz is a high quality jeweler with branches in the north of England. The problem was that this high quality jeweler lacked high quality marketing to reflect the high quality of its offering! Not only that but its existing marketing was generic and lacking clear differentiation for the brand.

The solution.
As ever, the starting point for our approach was the brand itself. We dug deep to identify elements there which could be evolved to create a new and compelling brand personality. One unique element was immediately obvious: the plus sign in the brand name itself. What’s more, the store’s uniqueness, and that of its designers, lay in a philosophy of combining traditional themes with cutting edge contemporary design. This philosophy made use of the ‘plus’ sign, to represent the ‘two sides’ of the brand’s personality, especially relevant. This then formed the core idea that would take the brand forward.

The execution.
Executionally, we expanded use of the ‘plus’ device into headlines for both online and offline activity, point of sale, invitations, literature and even into our body copy itself. This immediately provided us with a strong, intrusive and relevant platform which, most importantly of all, given use of the ‘plus’ device in the brand name, was a totally unique differentiator for Green + Benz. For example, for Valentine’s Day, a highly successful campaign was mounted based upon inviting real couples who shopped at the store to submit stories based around the two (this + that) things that initially brought them together. The device is clearly capable of lending itself to endless permutations as we continue to roll out brand communications in the years to come.

The results.
The proof of the pudding lay in an immediate increase in footfall, a hugely enhanced profile within the industry itself and a sales increase of 120% year on year.