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The challenge.
K by EKarma is a brand of e-cigarettes, liquids and accessories. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, the challenge was to give the brand a competitive edge over some very aggressive competition by connecting in a very real way with the needs of consumers.

The solution.
Unlike its competitors, the brand has 25 years’ experience in the industry which meant that no one was better placed to understand, and respond to, the needs of that much-maligned section of society: smokers. The empathy the brand instinctively felt for smokers provided us with a powerful platform upon which to build a distinctive brand identity.

The execution.
By declaring that the brand represented a ‘victory for vapers’, we used the image of a V-sign to cock a snook at a polite society which had shunned and alienated the smoker for so long.

A fully responsive ecommerce website, meanwhile, built on our lightweight in house shop platform, is simple but fully functional and armed with all the usual ecommerce features.

Kliquid on iPhone 6