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The Bench Magazine

The challenge.
The Cooksongold brand has a great story to tell as a world-leading supplier of materials and expertise to the jewellery and watch-making industries. So, given the promotional nature of its marketing, what was required was a vehicle to establish the brand’s expertise and knowledge of the sector through taking an authoritative overview of the entire jewellery making industry.

The solution.
The solution was to create a quarterly publication called ‘The Bench’, which, rather than selling the brand overtly, sought to elevate both brand awareness and perception through casting an expert eye across the entire spectrum of jewellery making concerns, from helpful advice on working with precious metals and fascinating insights into the history and meaning of gemstones to interviews with the world’s most feted jewellery designers: the likes of Stephen Webster, Shaun Leane and Sarah Ho.

The execution.
The execution adopted a lively magazine format which is constantly evolving with exciting graphics, engaging stories and invaluable advice.
The results.
Clearly, this is not about ROI but all the evidence suggests that the publication has become an industry staple, a ‘must have’ on every jewellery maker’s ….well….bench! Rumour has it that even some of the stellar names in the industry find The Bench a useful tool. While the magazine also, of course, provides a wealth of shareable social media content.