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“The foods pets petster for”

The challenge.
Webbox dog and cat food was a long established brand with a rich heritage but lacking a distinct identity. In an increasingly crowded sector it was vital to create an identity which both set the brand apart and resonated with consumers.

The solution.
As ever, we did our research. And what we discovered was that consumers love the brand so much that Webbox had actually compiled a database of customer feedback: letters, emails and even home movies illustrating their pets’ undying passion for the brand.
These included examples of pets literally ‘pestering’ their owners for the product!
What more powerful testimonial could there be?

The execution.
We used these real stories in the advertising – undeniable simply because they were real – underpinned by the theme of ‘petster power’ to strike a real chord of empathy and recognition with dog and cat owners.
Yet another illustration that the most powerful communication is based upon real experiences.