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Wedding Ring Blanks Brochure

“With this ring, you’ll get your customers to say ‘I do’”

The challenge.
The requirement involved an apparent contradiction. It was important to create a reference guide that would embody the aspirational style and confidence of a true brand leader while delivering a catalogue showcasing the entire Cookson ring blanks product range in an accessible and user-friendly form.

The solution.
The solution to the conundrum would lie in balancing a sense of unerring brand leadership and style with a very direct and comprehensive delivery of essential product information.

The execution.
To achieve this balance, we developed a piece the simplicity, purity and confidence of whose front and back cover, along with the recurring visual theme of a bold image on every spread, immediately set the tone of brand leadership and aspiration. While a simple grid also delivered the requisite product information in a form both easy on the eye and extremely user-friendly. The simplicity and bold promise of the theme: “With this ring, you’ll get your customers to say ‘I do’”, contributed to the sense of brand leadership and provided additional reassurance.

The results.
Recently launched, the new guide has been extremely well received by the jewellery making trade for both the simplicity and accessibility of its design and the aspirational image it presents to potential customers.