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Challenge 1

Brand awareness

Ensuring that trade and consumers have heard of you.

We’ll help identify what is special about your brand and products and bring it to life so that when people see your brand they remember it and buy it.

Challenge 2


Getting deeper distribution in multiple retailers, independents or wholesalers.

We create communications flexible enough to appeal to both a trade and consumer audience.

Challenge 3


Without consumer sales distribution is irrelevant!

We will help you identify your customers through understanding what resonates with them and how to directly appeal to their need states and where to reach them.

Challenge 4

Marketing Partner

Getting the right marketing partner to help and drive you and your brand is important.

The right agency should be an extension of your business, knowing as much about your brand and objectives as you do by getting under the skin of your business and adding real value to your marketing strategy.

Challenge 5

Investment partner

Having money is one thing, knowing how to spend it is another, so finding the right partner to invest in your business is essential. 

We work with investment partners who understand marketing, brand and multiple retail distribution, and have the cash to invest in your business.

Challenge 6

Your Message & Content

Continuing to evolve your message, saying the right thing at the right time to the right audience.

Once your core marketing plan and pillars are in place, such as your brand message, packaging and website, it’s about evolution. We’ll get your ongoing content right, keep it fresh and most importantly; relevant.

Challenge 7

Staying on track

You need to know what’s working, what’s not, and why.

We’ll help you keep a keen eye on how your audience interacts with your products or brand. This can inform your future marketing and NPD plans.