Dairy free

As a shopper we’re sure you’re aware that the cost of freefrom is significantly more expensive than that of non-FODMAP products. But, did you know that if you wanted to go dairy free you could be spending up to 125% more per year just for 1L of milk?

In one of the latest reports, it has been revealed that the average annual consumption per person in the UK of milk is 74.7L – now that’s a lot of tea!

According to a price comparison of fresh milk vs. fresh milk alternatives bought from Tesco, customers looking for a healthier alternative pay a significant premium to buy soya milk over whole.

In fact, the average household* spends around £59.76 per year on milk alone, whereas non-dairy drinkers could spend up to 37.5% more per year on Tesco’s own brand soya milk.

For consumers looking to buy Alpro Soya Milk** there’s an increase of 75% per year more than the average dairy drinkers, or for other milk alternatives the process gets steeper still.

To enjoy a splash of almond milk in your morning drink you could be paying around £112 – £134 per year for supermarket own brand*** vs. Alpro Almond milk****, a whopping 125% more per year.

See for yourself the cost of going dairy free…

The cost of going diary free

Despite the cost, dairy free drinkers are a growing breed. As well as ‘traditional’ milk alternative products such as soya, almond, lactose-free and oat milk, the category is also expanding to goat, sheep, buffalo and camel, meaning there’s plenty of choice when it comes to alternatives.

What do you think? Would the cost affect your decision to go dairy free? Let us know!

* Based on customers buying Tesco British Whole Milk 1.1L
** Based on customers buying Alpro Soya 1L from Tesco
*** Based on customers buying Tesco Free From Almond 1L
**** Based on customers buying Alpro Almond 1L from Tesco