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About us

Certain brands feel right at home with House

From gluten-free foods and kombucha drinks, to healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly household products, if you have a freefrom, health or well being brand you really want to grow, then we have all the knowledge, resources and expertise necessary to help you succeed.

More than just a full service marketing agency

As you might imagine, House can provide all the essential services you would expect from a modern, professional marketing agency.

But more than that, we also enable our clients to tap into the invaluable market experience we’ve gained from launching free-from brands and products ourselves.

It’s a background that ensures we have a truly, perhaps uniquely in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with marketing in the free-from and freedom sector.

The vast experience we have at our disposal here can also prove highly beneficial to our clients in a number of other ways, Such as helping them reach their investment goals, understanding their audiences, find those all-important unserved needs, tighten up (and even establish) the right brand positioning, developing new products rapidly and making sure those products are seen at shows in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our approach

Our single-minded ambition at House is to create good things for good brands.

So whether it’s the strategy and planning which we use to guide our thinking, or the concepts and campaigns we write and design to get products noticed, everything we do is geared towards making your brand a great brand.

Before we start, however, we take a holistic view of your audience and your market place, as this then enables us to write and design your marketing campaigns, websites, advertising, social media and digital communications in ways that engage your customers in precisely the right way.