We’ve heard of a vegetarian diet, we’ve definitely heard of a vegan diet, but have you heard of the latest diet to sweep the health conscious? Make way for the flexitarian.

Despite the term only being magnified since 2013, it actually was developed back in the early nineties in America due to people wanting to lead a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet without the restrictions of cutting out meat entirely.

For instance, a health-conscious individual may enjoy initiatives like ‘Meat-Free Monday’ but then decide to partake in a nice steak dinner at the weekend when out for dinner with friends.

Like other diets that are growing in popularity worldwide, this diet has a number of celebrity supporters such as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Nanny McPhee herself, Emma Thompson.

In fact, there are a number of forms of flexitarian-ism, seen here by Ted Talk speaker Graham Hill who explains his decision to become a weekday vegetarian came from wanting to eat healthier and reduce his carbon footprint, without having the strict diet plan of cutting out the option to eat meat.

There are a number of reasons someone may wish to become a flexitarian, some of which include…


Would you consider changing your diet to that of a flexitarian? Or have you already made the change? Let us know!