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What is the ‘magic’ ingredient to good marketing?

Can I pick your brain? I’ve got a great product and great service, but no one has heard of it So, you’ve got a great product and you’ve plenty of customers out there who will agree with you. But it’s not that simple. Getting your brand or business noticed, listed and on the lips of […]

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When and where to invest in awareness (The Go Network)

The Go! Network asked Christine about the role of awareness in marketing “awareness marketing is about a long-term strategy and consistency. You need to keep a cool head, be very clear on the channels that you want to use and be very aware of your target audience. Who are they and where are they? Awareness must […]

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When the ads were entertaining

I can’t be the only one that dreads the ads on TV these days…that said I am probably not the only one who gets to channel 100 and there is still nothing to watch… Is it me?  No, because you can now ‘pay’ not to be served ads, so that just proves that the ads […]


The BBC rebrand. £7m for a new logo. Is it me?

The BBC rebranded and launched a suite of new logos in October 2021. As an agency owner who is still battling the effects of the pandemic, this story passed me by some 15 months ago, as did, the new BBC suite of logos. I barely noticed them if I am honest, and I watch the […]

Property Marketing

Property Marketing

Property Marketing – 7 Steps to Success in 2023

You’ve done the hard work. You have researched and found the right location, you’ve designed the perfect development and house types. You’ve been given the green light to bring your new homes to market. Don’t let your property marketing let you down. Instead use this following guide on how to make your marketing a tool. […]

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FOODPRENEURS: Taking Back Control of Who We Are and What We Eat

Today we’re sharing this trilogy of articles from our friends at Product Chain in Berkshire. It’s an insightful three part investigation which should be essential reading for food entrepreneurs. Read more on the links below.  Image credit: Trainer Academy.

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