The Client

Bridgewater School is a private school that celebrates, supports and nurtures from a very early age through to sixth form. In a sector that is under increasing pressure to define what makes a school different, Bridgewater School lacked a clear positioning to express what makes it so special, which is a place that not only ensures academic achievement, but also one which values its pupils happiness and individuality.

Developing a positioning of providing ‘an individual approach to education’ helped set Bridgewater School apart from its competitors, and provided a platform for a new set of communications to aid the retention of existing students and attract new entrants.

The challenge

Across the education spectrum, schools are under greater pressure than ever to define exactly what makes them different. For independents, this is especially true. Bridgewater School has a very particular world view; this is a school that celebrates, supports and nurtures individuality. From Early Years right through to Sixth Form, it’s the place for parents and pupils who value continuity and happiness as much as academic achievement. We were tasked with articulating this vision with a distinctive new approach.

Bridgewater School
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