Case study

Thoughtful Design. Outstanding Locations.

The challenge

Helping new clients to occupy their own unique brand space is becoming something of a habit for House. Enter Chipping Homes, a team of seasoned professionals with years of residential construction experience and an innovative vision of the housebuilding future. Our challenge was to translate this into a distinctive positioning which would successfully launch Fellside, their first development and establish Chipping Homes as a trustworthy and prestigious consumer-facing brand, paving the way for future development growth.

The solution

When we drilled down into the philosophy behind their unique approach, we found a company that puts real thought into every aspect of housebuilding process, from location sourcing and design integrity to customer service. By working together in a truly integrated way, we were able to use this thoughtfulness as a transformative foundation for the brand.

Property Marketing advertising
Chipping homes brochure

The execution

Our positioning ‘Thoughtful Design. Outstanding Locations’ and equally distinctive visual identity translates the essence of their approach across a range of print-based and digital platforms. From logo design and literature to site signage, PR, email engagement and PPC campaigns, the launch campaign conveys a new way of thinking which is already creating clear blue sky for the brand.

Brand Movement

From a standing start, Chipping Homes is building significant word of mouth both within its core catchment and in the wider housing sector. By maximising the brand’s presence, initial enquiries have been successfully converted into prospective purchases. Our distinctive identity, coupled with Fellside’s premier location in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, suggests that home design has never been in a better place.

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