Case study

GLUEten is a bind.

The challenge

In a world where awareness of gluten free products significantly increases every day, it had become apparent that a vacuum still existed for consumers when it came to understanding the reasons behind the very need for gluten free. Accordingly, we set out to establish Too Good to be Gluten Free No.G, the market leader in gluten-free pies, quiches and tarts, as the absolute authority on the problem with gluten and the consequent benefits of a gluten free diet.

The solution

It goes without saying that the last thing we wanted to do was blind our No.G customers with science or bore them into submission with a dry as dust nutritional textbook. The message here, of course, was a serious one, especially for coeliacs who can suffer very serious consequences from the consumption of foodstuffs containing gluten. However, it was also obviously important to engage our audience to get this very important message to stick. The solution, therefore, was an animation, which would appear on the brand’s website, telling the story of gluten and gluten free in terms both simple, entertaining and easy to understand.

The execution

The animation style we selected had charm, simplicity and colour, helping to sweeten the pill of a serious nutritional message through warmth, engagement and a fair old dollop of wry humour. The title: ‘Gluten is a bind’ both sets the tone for the piece and very simply encapsulates its key message: that the stuff (gluten) that binds the dough in bread and cakes can also be a real bind when it comes to our delicate digestive system almost as if there really is some actual ‘Glue’ in ‘Glue-ten’!

The results

In providing the gluten free message with more substance, more ‘reason to believe’, we have helped to consolidate No.G’s leadership in the sector, adding credibility to a brand proposition built upon the notion that gluten free products can be equally, if not more, appetizing than their glutenous equivalents. As a result, the brand has significantly broadened and deepened distribution in the major multiples.

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