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Case study

Campaign concept creation. In market research. Photo shoot. Trade tool kit. Experiential outputs.

The Client

Over 250 years ago, Messrs. Hankey and Bannister created a superior Scotch blend which was to become a true aristocrat amongst whiskies.

The most creative and effective campaign trade launch, Interbev has seen.
Lynne Buckley, Brand Manager

The challenge

Our task was to create a new identity that would give the brand fresh relevance and support distribution in emerging markets. Besides translating across three new international markets – Poland, South Africa and Mozambique, the solution would also need to flex across core audiences in wide-ranging global territories.

The solution

As with many of their Scotch contemporaries, Hankey Bannister’s whisky image had been traditionally focused on heritage. It now needed to transmute into a cool, stylish tipple for young, urban males. After sending out researchers to get under the skin of our target market, we concluded that the solution lay in reimagining the historical personae and panache of Mr Hankey and Mr Bannister for the modern era.


The execution

Historically, the two characters had been represented by top and bowler hats and this became integral to our thinking, using contemporary incarnations of Hankey and Bannister to resonate with audience aspirations. With a new visual styling, brand-defining tone of voice and a high-brow fashion shoot led by Robert Fairer (Alexander McQueen’s photographer) the look successfully reflected the eclectic mix of street and city wear of young urban males.

Brand Movement

The message successfully resonated with an aspirational audience who define themselves by the clothes they wear and brands they consume. Our new brand ID and infinitely translatable marketing platform now informs all brand assets from advertising to POS, social media and events and was recognised by Brand Manager Lynne Buckley as ‘The best creative work our brand has ever seen.” No doubt the two men who launched their whisky with such gusto in the Georgian era, would be impressed by its new international success.

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