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Case study

With you every drop of the way

The challenge

When the water market was deregulated, businesses across the country could
choose who they bought their water services from. Together, United Utilities and Severn Trent created a new joint-venture company offering a refreshing approach to business water retailing in an evolving corporate and SME environment. Our challenge was to launch the company and move businesses to a new way of thinking about water service provision.

The solution

The first part of our solution was to originate a name that soon gained huge traction with stakeholders – Water Plus. The second was to create successive campaigns which would inform and engage, communicating the brand’s differentiating proposition to corporate and SME customers alike.


WaterPlus master logo

The execution

Distinctive water droplet imagery combined with compelling messaging to create a flexible way of communicating core messages. The theme was reflected across web activity, literature, exhibitions, advertising and video content, with the stated aim of achieving a significant uplift in online engagement.


Brand Movement

In the two years since the launch, Water Plus has become firmly established as the largest business water retailer in the UK, managing over 360,000 sites across the country. The majority of these have now been successfully transitioned online, with call volumes substantially reduced, matching business efficiency with water efficiency. Our involvement now permeates every level of the organisation, from strategic planning to internal stakeholder engagement.



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