We can all appreciate that in this day and age a business has to be pretty savvy when it comes to best social media practices.

So, if you’re a relatively new brand, or just looking for some tips of how to enhance your social media, keep tuned…


So, first things first, what platforms should I be using?

We’d stick to the holy trio; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is the oldest and arguably most advance of the social media platforms.

Not only has Facebook developed incredible geographical targeting options which enable you to target very specific audiences with content they’re interested in, but you can also but budget behind these posts to gain more traction.

We’d get you to consider Facebook as the Godfather of the platforms.

In 2018 Twitter took the plunge and doubled its character count to 280 characters (thanks Twitter!).

Twitter generally is more to be used as a live action platform, say if you’re showcasing or attending an event

Just also remember, if you are attending an event, make sure you find out the hashtag!

It’s even great for getting involved in popular culture by using your brand as a gateway conversation – think Coke jumping on the bandwagon in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcoming their first son, Prince George – or even Lurpak creating content during Great British Bakeoff.

A.K.A the sister company to Facebook.

We know we’re not supposed to have favourites, but as a creative agency we just love using Instagram.

It’s the perfect platform to showcase beautiful things as a purely visual platform, and it has recently given you the ability to tag products in your posts which can lead directly to your website – a huge update for brands!

Instagram also allows you to add budget behind your posts once you’ve reached over a certain number of followers, these then appear as ‘sponsored’ posts on your audience’s timelines, plus if you reach over 10K followers you can add links to your stories – otherwise known as “swipe up!”

And we couldn’t go without mentioning LinkedIn…

We as a business use LinkedIn as it’s a B2B professional platform.

You can use it to give updates on your company, i.e “We’re delighted to announce we’ve been shortlisted for an E3 award in the Digital, Creative and Media category!” – oh wait, we really are! Read about it here


What if I don’t have time to post every day?

You don’t have to be a slave to your posts and do it every day, that’s what scheduling tools are for!

We recommend using Facebook to schedule your FB posts, or Hootsuite, a multi-use social media platform to post out on Twitter and Instagram.


How often should I be posting?

As a brand we’d recommend posting around 4-7 times a week, or alternatively once a day will do.

However, unless you’ve got something to say don’t just post for the sake of it – you want to start a conversation after all!


What not to do on social media…

Here’s some examples of what not to do when hitting ‘publish’ on your posts:

1. Lack of punctuation

If only a deep-sea diver can get through your posts without gasping for breath, then you need to add some punctuation.

2. Too much punctuation

Are you really that excited to warrant six exclamation marks? Just like a first date – it may be exciting but play it cool!

3. Long winded posts

Keep it short, snappy and to the point. You don’t want people switching off before they’ve tuned in! If you’ve got a lot to say why not stick it in a blog post? This way you’re leading people to your website – result!

4. Misspellings

Always always always put your post through spellcheck before you post them, there’s nothing more embarrassing than the ‘grammar police’ correcting your spellings!

5. Using stock photos

We have nothing against using stock imagery, however, make sure it doesn’t contain the watermark and you have paid for the rights to use it!

We recommend using royalty free sites like Pexels, but make sure you read the image licenses first, you may only be able to use an image for digital use, or if you adapt the image – make sure to check!

6. You’re a brand, talk like one!

In this day and age everyone’s got a social media account, but just because this is the case doesn’t mean that you’re aware of how to properly market your brand on social media.

Keep your tone light-hearted but rooted in professionalism, use of “we” and not “I” is important.


How to deal with a bad review…

A big danger of using social media as a brand is that usually your platforms are the first place a customer will spring to to leave a bad review, have you ever seen a Boohoo Instagram post before?

One of the first comments on this post is from a customer service rep from the brand:
boohoo @fatmak._ Sorry to hear you are having some problems, please send over a DM and we are happy to look in to this for you.”

And just below it: marriahicham I also think the service is really ridiculous. I ordered som stuff, and yes it came and it was perfect. One of the stuff i bought, was damaged. I tried to contact you, multiply times, and you didn’t answear ant of my mails, I really liked shopping from you, but I know I won’t be doing it again, aftaler tjat service.”

And this is just one post! So, how do you deal with negative criticism on your brand’s social media pages?

1. Don’t get emotional

You have to remember that people are five times more likely to tell their friends if they’ve had a bad experience than they would if they loved it, so don’t take a bad critique personally – that’s just one person’s opinion!

2. Respond kindly

Think of this person as your Grandma, they may have been over-the-top rude but still, be the bigger person and be polite.

3. Take it to private message

Don’t air your dirty laundry in public, this isn’t Coronation Street! Simply say something along the lines of: “Hello xxx, we’re sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. Please inbox us with further details and we’ll see how we can help. Sophie – The House Creative Team” – simple!

4. Offer them an incentive

Usually that’s all they’re after, a 10% discount or free delivery on their next purchase can really go a long way.


Advertising on social media…

At the beginning of the year Facebook made the announcement that timelines needed a revamp.

Too much of what Facebook was rooted in – posts from friends and family – were getting lost in a bombardment of business led posts, something which needed to be stripped back.

So now, as a brand, you’ll find that organic engagement is incredibly hard to come by, instead you’ll need to add budget behind your posts.


So, what are the best platforms for social advertising?

In short, Facebook.

This platform allows you to create unique and engaging adverts targeted to specific locations, which can be as big as a country or as small as a postcode!

Top tip: We were once advised by a Twitter expert that advertising on their platform is a little like throwing money away with minimal results, so we’d advise not to splash your cash.

And our number 1 golden rule of social media advertising?

* Drum roll please*…

Always bring it back to your website.

You would be surprised how many brands forget to link what they’re talking about to their website – a fatal error, especially if you retail a lot of your products online.

A blog shared on your social channels could lead to a potential sale, so don’t forget to include a link to whatever you’re talking about.


So, in conclusion, to make your business social media savvy…

1. Remember, you’re a brand, talk like one!

2. Respond kindly, not emotionally to bad criticism

3. Make sure your content is relevant

4. Always link it back to your website!

With these golden rules you’ll be on your way in no time.

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