House Creative

Here are the four most common questions we get asked by our potential clients.

1. So, you’re a design and brand agency then?
No, we are much more than a brand agency. Of course we do all the design work that you would expect, just like any other design and artwork house, but we offer a layer before that which we think is far more important.

We offer a point of view of your marketing, your consumer brand and your business, and only once we have a view of the market place and who your customers are do we even begin to put pen to paper.

Because for us, it’s not just about design, it’s about your message and what you stand for. In other words, what you say about yourself and how. So many agencies miss this and provide design for designs sake, or design work that has little meaning to the audience. We see it all the time.


2. You say you are a full service agency, what does that mean?
It means we take a holistic view of all your marketing, because for us whatever you say, and wherever you say it, it has to be joined up in terms of the message and the image. It’s what’s known as a fully integrated approach, which is a bit of jargon that simply means everything works together.

So in a nutshell we do it all, from planning and strategy, through to all the design, writing and artwork for whatever communications channel is right for your business, or in other words, whatever communications channel your clients or customers are looking at.

So that may mean advertising and packaging, or it may mean websites and ecommunications (email marketing), right through to online advertising, social media, poster sites, direct mail, TV and video or social media.


3. How can you be great at everything?
There are digital agencies, media agencies, brand agencies, PR agencies and artwork houses who offer specialist advice and expertise in their own area, so surely a one stop shop can’t specialize in everything and do the best job?

Actually that’s exactly the point, specialist agencies used to work really well in the dawn of new media, and there are some great digital shops out there offering expertise on just digital marketing. However because people now consume advertising in so many different ways as they go about their daily lives, it’s really important to ensure that your core message works right across all channels. So fragmenting your advertising and marketing across lots of different agencies isn’t as wise as it once was. Our approach ensures your message stays on track so that means we create great work that works for all channels online or offline.

Plus, because we start from thinking about your business, we develop ideas and campaign themes from the inside out, so whatever we do for you is designed to be flexible enough to evolve over time and also work in any channel or space.


4. Branding, that’s a logo isn’t it?
Most people think branding is a logo, a colour or a typeface. When actually all those things are simply part of your brand assets (like your fixtures and fittings). Branding is your message, it expresses to your customers who you are, what you stand for and how your talk to them. A bit like your DNA. It’s what makes you special and different, whether your brand is a product or a service.
We certainly don’t invent this for you! But what we do do is create something that is unique to your brand that brings to life everything it stands for.