Milk alternatives are no longer reserved for those with medically recognised intolerances. Instead we’ve seen hipster hotspots packed full of dairy free goodies and now, the supermarkets have taken a piece of the action too.

It’s not surprising, back in 2016 UK plant-based milk sector was worth $280, with this figure expected to rise by a 43% to a whopping $400 million by 2021. In the same period dairy milk sales are expected to rise a mere 5%. Bad news for cows, or not, as the case may be.

So, we know people are buying it but what’s drawing them in? Here are the top 5 dairy-free trends:


Previously dairy-free drinks were only found in the main part of the supermarket, but now opportunistic brands are recognising that people are busier than ever and using this to their advantage… grabbing time-constrained consumers right where they find them – in the ‘to-go’ aisle. We are seeing mini bottles and on-the-go products cropping up here, there and everywhere and this trend shows no sign of slowing down.


Die-hard tree huggers may be a minority but consumers in general are becoming more socially conscious and recognise that making regular small changes can make a big difference. We’re seeing many brands partnering up with charities and trusts that tug on the heartstrings and give people the chance to enjoy dairy-free deliciousness that’s good for their conscience too.


Don’t think that the purchase of dairy-free drink stops at the buying, or even the drinking. We’re seeing much more Innocent-like language appearing on dairy-free packaging, encouraging purchasers to connect with brands and continue the conversation online. And those who are doing this successfully are seeing an increase in brand loyalty, marketplace awareness and customer satisfaction.


Competition in the global dairy-free market is fierce and to compete, brands need to be at the top of their game and offer something completely unique to their rivals. There are so many dairy-free milk choices to choose from: coconut, almond, soy, rice and hemp, to name but a few, plus we’re seeing more unique flavour combinations than ever before.


All it takes is a stamp from one of the big dogs and according to research, brands will see a huge increase in consumer confidence and trust. More than ever people desire transparency and honesty and seeing an accredited trademark, such as the Vegan Trademark, can help do just that.


#healthylifestyle has a humongous 37.5 million posts on Instagram. It really is trendier than ever before to jump on the bandwagon and buy products that promise to fulfil this #healthgoals persona. It’s no longer enough for dairy-free products to be just dairy-free, and instead, they are being mixed with protein, vitamins and superfood ingredients to give them an extra edge.

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